With roots deeply embedded in Taoism, Feng Shui (Chue Style) discipline can be traced back to the Masters from the Ancient Imperial Courts of China. Chue Style Feng Shui provides a unique series of structured training courses developed by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. Whether it’s a short weekend foundation course or more advanced training for those who are keen to become proficient consultants in Chue Style Feng Shui, Chinese Horoscopes (Ba Zi) and I Ching..

Chue Style Feng Shui is an authentic lineage dating back to Imperial China. All courses are designed by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, much of the teachings are not available elsewhere.  

Read more about The Graduate Chue Style Feng Shui General Practitioner Training Programme.  The course prices are set by the Chue Foundation School Advisory Board who also regulates standards of teaching. 


Foundation in CHUE Style Feng Shui : Module A

Begin your journey into the Chue Style knowledge system with the essential 2 day foundation course. This is the gateway into all other Chue Style disciplines and graduate training, regardless of whether you have previous Feng Shui knowledge or are just curious to study ancient art of placement. This course must be completed before continuing any other Chue Style course.

Your investment - £235.00 

Duration 2 days 

Next course dates: Feb 2020 


Private 1:1 and small group training available, please enquire for details.

Intermediate course Chue Style Feng Shui MODULE B 

For those keen on a deeper understanding of interpreting environmental energy, the intermediate level introduces Form methodologies from classical and traditional Feng Shui and unique Chue Style ‘Yuen Hom Imperial Hexagram Feng Shui’, in preparation for those wanting to further their studies onto the Chue Graduate Practitioner Training Programme. 

The student is encouraged to think at a deeper level to improve modern living environment and surroundings with the use of Feng Shui. 

Full module B course details are provided on completion of Module A to those students wishing to further their studies. 

Your investment £POA

Duration: 8 days 


Next course date: TBC 


Professional Certificate Chue Style Feng Shui (2 Years)

This course provides the highest calibre of authentic Chue Style Feng Shui theory and practice, empowering students to analyse the energy of many styles of properties, the effects on residents, how to transform energy and implement solutions. 

Inclusive of practical consultations, Feng Shui case studies and home study, this course leads to a Chue Foundation Practitioner qualification with international recognition on completion of an exam.


Private classes also available: please enquire for details 




Anyone curious about Taoism or keen to learn about the application of Feng Shui at home, in environmental design, landscaping, architecture or interior design. 

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to create vibrant & harmonious environments aligned with Nature to serve Success - whether that’s health, wealth, career, happiness or romance. 

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