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Personal Forecast 

Though I do not know much about Feng Shui or Numerology, I have Gee’s reading framed and on my refrigerator, so that I see it everyday. What she wrote has made a strong impact on me and it felt that she was writing this only for me, “the door to success is labeled  ‘push’ (stop pulling). Has made me feel more confident in my move back to L.A to pursue my dream of acting in Hollywood films. Also I have always felt the greatest connection to when I am in the ocean, not knowing that my inner nature was according to Gee's reading. Doesn't the spring water flow to the river that eventually leads to the vast ocean? I guess that's why I feel at home when floating in the ocean on my surfboard! Thank you Gee! I hope this testimonial brings many smiles and clients!!


Justin Yoganator Berti





Gee's Feng Shui analysis transformed my life. My desire was to attract Love & Harmony, the simple changes she instructed from the colour of my front door and redesigning the interior to my flat, I am now happily married, with a daughter, thriving business and new house! All this in the space of 18 months. Magic! I adore you!


Elena Voyce (Teach Yoga, Founder)


Following the feng shui assessment in 2016 with Gee, business is productive, clients are satisfied and workforce is happier. As directors pressure has reduced considerably, creating an altogether harmonious environment to work efficiently. Gee is professional, knowledgeable and intuitive – our gratitude for the transformation since applying the science of feng shui.  

Ravi Dooa on behalf of Dooa wholesalers ltd.



Gee Gahir completed a Feng Shui consultation for us in Summer of 2017. The information she was able to share with us was simple, though profound. It has added harmony and light to our home, a feeling that guests have shared when they visit. 

Rebecca & Salvatore Zambito, Olympia WA, USA

Yoga Sutras Institute

FENG SHUI & YOGA – An Unexpected Continuity


When Gee came to visit us, we quite naturally fell into long discussions of our respective fields of passion – Feng Shui for her and Yoga for me. What became apparent was a previously unnoticed relationship.

When I teach a Yoga class, regardless of the specific topic area, I always begin by reviewing the definition of the word Yoga itself.

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yug.  One of central texts of Sanskrit grammar is the Dhatu Pada, the Recitation of Verbs.  All of the verbs in Sanskrit are listed in it in four chapters.  Yug appears in the first, third and fourth chapters.  Respectively, these are translated as unite, control, and samādhi.

While English writers on Yoga typically point to the union definition, the great sage, Vyāsa, in his commanding commentary on the Yoga-Sutra of Patañjali, made this unequivocal statement in his exegesis on the first sutra: yoga = samādhi.

Samādhi (and Yoga) refers to progressive states of consciousness wherein the experiencer enters ever-deepening relaxation with loosening of the binding restraints of the separative ego.  Books have been devoted to exploring samādhi.

I wish to point out the significance of the three syllables that constitute samādhi:

          sam – a prefix meaning perfect or complete

          ā – a prefix meaning all around

          dhi- - a verb meaning place or to place

As you can see, samādhi can be literally defined as an internal state of consciousness in which all elements of awareness are – placed perfectly all around.  

Feng Shui is more than similar to samādhi.  Feng Shui provides for the outer realm what samādhi provides to the inner realm.  How distant are these realms, really?

I can testify that Gee’s suggestions for “placing perfectly all around” in the external world of my meditation hut provided an unbroken continuity of support for my meditation practice.  The transformation of space harmony has been equivalent to half an hour or more of sitting.


This experience leads me to deeply encourage committed meditators to confer with her.  You have nothing to lose but the subtle cross-chop of space disharmony.

Salvatore Zambito © 2017

Locanda Del Gallo – Bed & Breakfast PERUGIA 

Experience a little bit of ‘Heaven on Earth’ 

We met Gee on several occasions. During her stay in our hotel in Umbria, Italy, she analysed our hotel by suggesting some simple but incisive interventions to improve a better energy flow, according to the art of Feng Shui. We where suggested to cut a large tree (the tree was already sick) that blocked the energy intake as it was positioned in front of the hotel entrance. Already with this first intervention immediately the hall became brighter, but, according to Feng Shui philosophy, the energy once entered had to move inside to create abundance. The money centre was activated. Gee advised to paint the second entrance a red colour as it was on an auspicious energy line – we created a red-flowered bed. Since applying Feng Shui, we have seen improvements in our business and finances!


☺  We feel grateful to Gee, who we believe is a serious professional of the Feng Shui art. 

A big hug,


BaZi Life Path Reading


I thought the chart reading I received from Gee was extremely professional. It was extensive and I found the information given was very interesting and helpful. Gee explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.  I feel everyone could benefit from a reading / forecast. Highly recommended. 

Annie Dorward (Personal Trainer)



I met Gee several years ago at a yoga retreat in Italy, and i was curious to understand what was she doing moving around in Nature with a strange instrument, a Feng Shui compass. 

We became very good friends and she has introduced me to the ancient art of Feng Shui. Once she asked me to translate in Italian language a consultation she was going to do for common friends. I was impressed by her deep knowledge of the subject and the details she could tell to our friend to help them to improve many important areas of their life like health, job, and a better harmony in the house. 

In 2016, visiting Italy with two of her colleagues also versed in Feng Shui, Gee came to my house and provided a feng shui assessment because I was having difficulty selling my house over the last two years, although trying my best. With a few adjustments outside the house at the gate and the main entrance I witnessed, in a few days, people contacting me with interest regarding the apartment just as Gee had forecasted! Sure enough, in October 2016 the contract was signed. I can recommend Gee, she is a very talented and professional in her feng shui assessment.


Barbara Savita L.

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