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Year of the Water Tiger 2022 - Five tips to attract health, harmony & happiness.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on 1st Feb 2022, welcoming the Yang Water Tiger energy. The weeks leading up to the celebrations, Asian households around the world are busy decluttering and cleaning their homes and offices, in preparation for the new auspicious energy. By letting go of the old, and creating space for the new, we welcome hope, luck and opportunities.

Declutter your home with these five feng shui tips to manifest positivity, harmony, and prosperity.

When to begin

Start the clean anytime after the January full moon. There is usually a week of deep cleaning, leading up to the Chinese New Year. The week before the new year celebrations is an ideal time to start a deep clean.

Where to begin

According to the wisdom of Chue style Feng Shui, the cleanse is initiated according to the best flying stars for 2022. There are areas in the house to avoid disturbing or breaking walls etc, this year avoid disturbing the centre ofthe house. It is favourable to begin the cleanse from the South East or North West sectors and work around the house, room by room.

1. The Deep Cleanse
  • Declutter bedrooms, cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen and office. This includes garages and garden sheds.

  • Declutter under the bed - the space where you sleep should be as clear as possible.

  • Remove electrical appliances from the bedroom which often disturb sleep and circadian rhythms.

  • Discard or recycle broken or unused items.

  • Repair any damaged furniture, mirrors or paint work.

  • Finish home projects.

  • Throw away old memories that no longer serve your life or the life you want to create.

The environment greatly impacts our sense of wellbeing and clarity. Clutter represents stagnant or stuck energy, and can be the cause of many ailmements, such as inability to sleep, illness, or relationship and money issues. Decluttering removes old unhelpful stagnant energy, and opens space for new possibilities and luck.

2. Acts of Kindness

Donate items to people in need right now. Acts of service and kindness are a way of inviting good fortune.

3. Feng Shui Water

Wash the walls and doors with Feng Shui Water - this is a special recipe recommended by Grand Master Chan, which cleanses the spirit of the home. click here to order the recipe. Pay particular attention to front and back doors, windows and the garden.

It is also important to bathe in feng shui water three days leading up to the New Year. This ritual cleanses the physical body of any negativity the 'energy body' has picked up. Traditionally, new clothes are worn on New Years day, to symbolise new beginnings.

4. Garden

Scan the front and back garden. 70% of feng shui solutions can be fixed from the garden. Notice where weeds and garbage has accumulated. Clear these area's.

  • Remove ivy or any dead plants, trim hedges and overgrown trees. introduce spring bulbs.

  • Repair broken fences, remove broken garden furniture, declutter sheds.

  • ensure the mouth of the house (front door) is clean, visiable, and repaired. Give the house a fresh coat of paint.

  • Switch off water features, clean throughly before switching back on.

It is advisable to seek date selection, as water features correctly placed can manifest powerful energy. In the same light, wrongly positioned they can create ill fortune too!

5. Circulate Fresh Energy

Natural light is a powerful way of circulating clean energy around the home and office.

Ensure to open doors and windows to allow air and light to flow through.

Use the five elements sound bowls, incense (smudge sticks), frsh flowers or plants and water for cleasing, and introducing new energy.

Chue Style Feng Shui can transform your life, simply by bringing balance and order into the environment.

Invest in a personal forecast for the year to really help you step into your seat of power for 2022.

The Chniese New Year will be celebrated on 1st Feb and lasts two weeks leading up to the Full Moon. There are auspcicious dates within this window to start new businesses, open fortune luck, prayers to manifest desires and set intentions, in the hope that the year will bring good fortune and blessings into their homes.

May the chi of the Water Tiger provide you with an abundant harvest.

For indepth prediction and forecast, arrange a personal consultation with Gee.

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