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I met Gee several years ago at a yoga retreat in Italy, and i was curious to understand what was she doing moving around in Nature with a strange instrument, a Feng Shui compass. We became very good friends and she has introduced me to the ancient art of Feng Shui. Once she asked me to translate in Italian language a consultation she was going to do for common friends. I was impressed by her deep knowledge of the subject and the details she could tell to our friend to help them to improve many important areas of their life like health, job, and a better harmony in the house. In 2016, visiting Italy with two of her colleagues also versed in Feng Shui, Gee came to my house and provided a feng shui assessment because I was having difficulty selling my house over the last two years, although trying my best. With a few adjustments outside the house at the gate and the main entrance I witnessed, in a few days, people contacting me with interest regarding the apartment just as Gee had forecasted! Sure enough, in October 2016 the contract was signed. I can recommend Gee, she is a very talented and professional in her feng shui assessment.


Barbara Savita L.

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