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Locanda Del Gallo – Bed & Breakfast PERUGIA

Experience a little bit of ‘Heaven on Earth’

We met Gee on several occasions. During her stay in our hotel in Umbria, Italy, she analysed our hotel by suggesting some simple but incisive interventions to improve a better energy flow, according to the art of Feng Shui. We where suggested to cut a large tree (the tree was already sick) that blocked the energy intake as it was positioned in front of the hotel entrance. Already with this first intervention immediately the hall became brighter, but, according to Feng Shui philosophy, the energy once entered had to move inside to create abundance. The money centre was activated. Gee advised to paint the second entrance a red colour as it was on an auspicious energy line – we created a red-flowered bed. Since applying Feng Shui, we have seen improvements in our business and finances!

☺ We feel grateful to Gee, who we believe is a serious professional of the Feng Shui art.

A big hug,


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