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Though I do not know much about Feng Shui or Numerology, I have Gee’s reading framed and on my refrigerator, so that I see it everyday. What she wrote has made a strong impact on me and it felt that she was writing this only for me, “the door to success is labeled ‘push’ (stop pulling). Has made me feel more confident in my move back to L.A to pursue my dream of acting in Hollywood films. Also I have always felt the greatest connection to when I am in the ocean, not knowing that my inner nature was according to Gee's reading. Doesn't the spring water flow to the river that eventually leads to the vast ocean? I guess that's why I feel at home when floating in the ocean on my surfboard! Thank you Gee! I hope this testimonial brings many smiles and clients!!


Justin Yoganator Berti

@JustinBerti @the yoganator

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