Deeply embedded in Taoism Feng Shui is an ancient system of creating harmony & abundance by recovering the intimate relationship we share with the Earth, Nature and the ecosphere. It offers a set of traditional pragmatics in choosing or building a home, locating a business, developing ecological sensitive land use and planning harmonious communities. Feng Shui ensures you are at the right place at the right time to serve your success.

Feng Shui, literally translates to the elements ‘wind & water’. Wind (Feng) denotes movement of energy, creating change and transformation. (Shui) denotes stillness, which enables energy to be grasped. United they describe LIFE and the cyclical nature of energy that shapes us and everything around us. 

Often described as Geomancy – there is a skillful art to identify and transform energy into a harmonious vibration to manifest places fit for function and purpose. It is far more complex than rearranging furniture! Just as acupuncture maps the flow of energy in the body, Feng Shui maps the physical environment through features that define energy flow in the natural world. Externally mountains, hills, trees, rivers, roads and buildings absorb and direct energy. Internally, the shape of our plot, size of the property, the windows, walls, furniture and décor do the same. 


Today, Feng Shui has become popular with interior designers, architectural projects and city development, offering solutions to transform geopathic (Earth) stress, and provide insights to ecofriendly, harmonious developments attuned with Natures elements for well-being & productivity.

Feng Shui Module A Course


Imperial Chue Style
Feng Shui with Gee



Ideally when buying land or a house, renovating or refurbishing - these provide opportunities to ensure the changes are energetically balanced to support the individual, family or business. Feng Shui is also useful when seeking Self development & life path guidance, starting a business or enhancing wealth streams, looking for a loving relationship or starting a family, creating scared spaces for studios or meditation, reducing geopathic (Earth) stress to improve health and quality of sleep.

Personal Fate Readings are sought at the beginning of every year by a Feng Shui consultant to forecast opportunities for the year ahead, and to ensure health and harmony at home. 


Feng Shui consultation - what to expect 


1. Feng Shui is synergistic to the Law of attraction by transforming the energy of an environment. To manifest abundance, first, be clear about your objective? What do you desire?  9 areas of life 

2. A bespoke astrological chart (Chinese horoscope) is created using Chue Style methodology based on your D.O.B, time of birth and place of birth. This provides details of your original nature or energetic DNA.

3. An on-site Feng Shui assessment is arranged. Things that are taken into consideration include the landscape on which the property rests (geopathic), the directional positioning of your property (what quality of energy is your property attracting?)  the movement of energy from your front door, inside your home (stagnant, fast movement, disturbed or harmonious) and where it exits. We also identify what influence this energy has on the family. Guidance and recommendations are based on mapping your energy DNA with your environment aligned to the desire you wish to manifest.

The analysis can take anywhere from a day to several months depending on the size of the property or project.

People who live and work in energetically balanced places lead healthy, happy and harmonious lives. 


to create vibrant & harmonious environments aligned with Nature to serve Success - whether that’s health, wealth, career, happiness or romance. 

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