This is an ancient Chinese astrological system used to determine or forecast circumstances in life. Ultimately, we have the power to influence our life story. A Ba Zi analysis provides insights into various areas of life in a timely manner – education, health, career, wealth, relationships, family and much more. It is a tool that can be used for Self development providing guidance and maximizing ones potential for success.


BaZi is used as a tool for self development it helps you discover:

  • Who you are, and purpose in life.

  • Your gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and how to make the most of them 

  • Your potential for success and how to achieve it 

The BaZi school of Feng Shui is basically a form of Feng Shui astrology. The calculations based on the BaZi, or Four Pillars, provides your unique energy blueprint based on the five elements. This is essential when mapping an environment for bespoke outcomes. Connecting your personal energy to your space is essential to manifest success in a timely way. 


 Ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters defined three factors for one’s good luck:-

1. Heaven's Luck (Tien), or the luck you were born with / the stars present at your birth. 

2. Earth Luck (Ti), where we choose to live or our direction of travel attracts our fate or luck. By creating a lifestyle using  Feng Shui brings synergy between Heaven and Human enabling one to experience opportunities in a timely way and live a life of contentment. 

3. Human Luck  (Ren), is your will power and effort in achieving your desire. 

Applied properly together, a Chinese horoscope is life’s navigation tool, and Feng Shui cultivates an environment to manifest ones fortune, health & happiness in a timely way.  


Personal Fate Readings  


Every year presents an opportunity to manifest ones desires. Chinese astrology provides a clear path, Feng Shui navigates the way. A personal fate reading is a forecast for the year ahead, usually sought around December / January every year to set goals for the year ahead. 

Be clear about what area of life you want to address. If you are unsure, this link may help you decide  9 areas.

To request a Chinese astrology (BaZi) chart reading or a personal fate reading, please email your date, time and place of birth via the contact page and provide clear details of what area in life you would like to address. 

Your bespoke chart is created the traditional way, by hand, using an authentic formula taught by Grand Master Chan as part of the CHUE style authentic methodology. 

Once the payment fee is received, a Skype or face time consultation is arranged at a convenient time. 

To see how valuable a personal consultation could be, read clients  testimonials 


to create vibrant & harmonious environments aligned with Nature to serve Success - whether that’s health, wealth, career, happiness or romance.

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