Gee KaiYi Gahir - (Feng Shui Yogini

London based Gee is an award-winning market access lead in healthcare and life science. She currently works as an NHS Holistic Health & lifestyle coach transforming lives through non-clinical mind-body-space healing modalities. She can be contacted at her private practice at Skin 55 Harley Street, London & The Upminster Healing & Teaching Sanctuary. 

Curious to understand how the environment shapes health & wellbeing, Gee trained in an authentic lineage of Feng Shui, Chue Style, in 2007  with 'Golden Dragon' Master Kajal, one of the highest accreditations of training.

Fascinated with the synergy between optimizing environmental conditions, whether in a research laboratory or in our personal space and curious to learn about the relationship between health and environments, she furthered her studies with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, one of the top Yuen Hom Feng Shui Masters in the world.

After graduating she was given a seal with her name translated Kai yi',  凯(kǎi)  怡(yí)  meaning 'victorious and pleasant, which she respectfully adopted as an alias.  


Having embodied its wisdom and transforming her own life, Gee travels across the globe sharing the wisdom of Feng Shui to improve the quality of life for those who seek to explore the benefits of this ancient art form. 


Currently the CHUE UK Research Coordinator, Gee facilitates regular research forums and project work for the UK team

Gee is an accredited Module A and B Chue Style Teacher. Her training courses are infused with storytelling and delivered with passion, exemplifying her experiences of transformation using Feng Shui.  


Feng Shui Friday 

Join Gee online (ZOOM) for Feng Shui Fridays (the first Friday of every month) where she provides an 'energy' forecast of the month ahead according to Chinese astrology and Feng Shui principles. Navigate your environment to 'catch the best Chi' and manifest abundance.  


Gee values health. Her research interests explore the impact of geopathic stress on health and wellbeing. Ultimately, Health is our greatest Wealth. 


Studies conducted on geo-pathological stress have shown evidence of the relationship between people’s well being and the natural energies. While negative energy can adversely affect the nervous system, the genetic code and the immune system, positive energy can sustain our well being, enhance our ability to counteract stressful situations and increase our potential to succeed. Properly applied, Feng Shui creates harmonious environments fit for their use & purpose.

Application of Feng Shui Principles to Major Cities in the World.pdf

Chue Lineage History 

Ba Chop, Sam Hap, Sam Yuan and Yuen Hom are just some of the different methods or styles of Feng Shui. Imperial Yuen Hom Style Feng Shui is the most advanced style of Feng Shui. It relates to the 64 hexagrams and means: 'From nothing to everything & from everything to nothing.

“From nothing to everything, and from everything to nothing”.

The authenticity of Chue Style Feng Shui can be traced to an Imperial Master who served the Imperial Palace King in the Imperial Court of China for centuries. 

Read more about the lineage of the Chue style of Feng Shui



​A Scientist by profession, Gee began her life in the early 90's in medical research at St Bartholomews Hospital, London with Prof Edwin Gale in diabetes and at The Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, bone health. She recognised environmental conditions and timing are the key to a successful experiment.

After completing a Masters in Neuroscience, her interest in creating health transitioned organically from test tubes in a laboratory to creating health, optimizing Body-Mind equilibrium.  She qualified as a Nutritionist and Naturopath at the College of Natural Nutrition in 2000 whilst pursuing a career in Life Sciences and the Pharmaceutical industry. 

After almost two decades of observing and researching Holistic therapies coupled with the principles of Energy medicine, her search for preserving well-being was answered through the ancient art of Feng Shui.

How can we extend the longevity of our wellbeing? Why do some environments support health and others cause deterioration? 

Studying and applying Grand Master Chan Kun Wahs teachings of Chue Style Feng Shui, transformed her life, she now invites others to benefit the same.  

Nothing is 'too good to be true' when aligned with the Laws of Nature. 

Gee is a NHS Wellbeing Lead, pioneering non-clinical (natural medicine, diet, activity, lifestyle) early intervention and prevention services within the NHS. She offers Lifestyle Coaching, facilitating wellbeing through Mind-Body-Space solutions to support healing.

Our environment holds the key to Health, Harmony and Happiness. 

Mother Nature is her laboratory, the five elements her 'tools' that harmonize the 'yin and yang' principles within an environment to bring health, harmony and enabling families to thrive. 

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to create vibrant & harmonious environments aligned with Nature to serve Success - whether that’s health, wealth, career, happiness or romance.