'It is only through the application of knowledge, that we embody wisdom through which we become beacons of light to inspire others'
Gee (Feng Shui Yogini)

Feng Shui is an Ancient Art of Placement embodying the laws of Nature to create harmony.  Beyond aesthetics, Chue Style Feng Shui enhances the quality of life of those who choose to reside under its authentic canopy.

Chue Style Feng Shui is one of the purest lineages practiced. It was introduced to the West by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah who established the CHUE Foundation, focusing its efforts on research.  https://www.chuefoundation.org/

I am a certified Chue Style Feng Shui practitioner and currently the Research Coordinator for CHUE UK.

and an approved foundation and intermediate level teacher for Chue Style Feng Shui

Connect with me for Chue Style Feng Shui property consultations, training and coaching. 


Discover the magical world of harmonious lifestyles designed by Chue Style Feng Shui. 

Mission -

to create vibrant & harmonious environments aligned with Nature to serve Success - whether that’s health, wealth, career, happiness or romance. . .

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